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By: Chris Hopper, Kathy D. Munoz, Bruce Fisher / Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers / Date Puplished: 31-10-2013, 20:56

Health-Related FitnessThe classroom-related programme in each text of the series covering fitness for grades 1-6 provides five 30 minute lessons on lifelong health and fitness that cover nine teaching weeks. In these texts teachers can follow the programme outlined or pick and choose activities to incorporate into exsiting lesson plans. Features of this hands-on curriculum include: homework assignments with family activities- multicultural and co-operative learning exercises- cross curricular activities designed to stimulate critical thinking skills- 18 reproducible handouts that help to present the concepts- scripts that can be followed to help explain concepts to children- activities based on national frameworks and health standards- and lessons that require no equipment or readily available materials found in the gymnasium or classroom. Part 1 of the text outlines lessons on cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and nutrition to help prepare students for a healthy lifestyle. Part 2 describes the different kinds of elements needed to teach each lesson including: 15 stretches, 15 warm-ups, 9 cool-downs and 30 exercises.

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